Inspire Learning offers different types of accommodation to suit each student’s needs. Depending on the program, we will organise shared accommodation, host family or owner-occupied accommodation. Each option is outlined below:

Shared accommodation allows for students to share an apartment or house with others of the same age. Shared accommodation generally includes space in a twin bedroom, while the rest of the house or apartment is shared. Food is not included in this option.

Host family accommodation allows students to experience Irish family life first-hand. Host family accommodation generally includes a single bedroom while the rest of the house is shared with the family. Most host family accommodation includes meals Monday—Friday. Become a Host Family.

Owner-occupied accommodation allows students to rent a room in a house where the owner is living in the house, but no children are in the house. The accommodation generally includes a single room, while the rest of the house is shared. Food is not included in this option.

The welfare of our program participants is of utmost importance. We vet each accommodation provider thoroughly before placing any of our participants with them. Private accommodation providers must produce a clear background check and pass a site inspection by our accommodation manager.


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My accommodation was very central and made it easy to get to and from my placement, thank you.

I loved living with my host family; having meals ready for me when I got home from my placement was great and saved me a lot of money. I loved the kids in the house too!

My accommodation was great; my accommodation provider taught me some Irish, and took me to breakfast after collecting me at the bus from the airport. The house was fabulous; loved the huge television in the living room!