About Inspire Learning

Inspire Learning is an award-winning Irish business that provides options for international students who wish to come to Ireland to study, intern or teach. Located in the west of Ireland, Inspire Learning has close ties with Irish universities, national schools and businesses. We have been helping students find their dream Irish program for over 13 years.

What sets us apart is our personal approach to student programs - we believe that successful partnerships are relationship based. Our programs are person-centered and we work to ensure that your needs and requirements are our core focus. Our individual focus assures we work well with everyone from our students, university representatives, school principals, host organizations and accommodation providers; we take pride in making connections that delight our program participants.

As a local Irish-based business, we are able to provide the highest quality Irish programs at a very competitive price. Inspire Learning oversees every aspect of each program to ensure our standard of quality is carried through to every section of every program. We look forward to helping you have the experience of a lifetime in Ireland!

Meet the Team

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Why We Are Different

  • Knowledge

    We have an intimate knowledge of the Irish education system, from early childhood education to university study abroad programs.

  • We are local

    We have an extensive network of local staff who act as emergency contacts, orientation guides and a friendly, supportive ear should a student feel overwhelmed or homesick.

  • Experience

    We have developed solid relationships with hundreds of Irish companies who are looking for exceptional work experience interns.

  • Quality

    We offer unbeatable service to students, parents and university faculty/advisors.

  • Choice

    We provide programs with every university and institute of technology in Ireland.

  • Competitive

    We offer superb program options at very competitive pricing.